Welcome to RE-frame.eu, the interactive online database on barriers to renewable energy and the corresponding policy recommendations.

Our goal: The re-frame.eu database aims at recording and assessing the most important drivers and barriers framing the diffusion of renewable energy technologies in all 28 EU Member States. The assessment covers three major sectors: Renewable electricity, heating & cooling and transport.

Your input is crucial: You will be able to access and edit detailed information on barriers to RE-deployment on country level. You will have the possibility to validate existing barriers and/or to add new barriers and respective recommendations. Your contribution will help broaden and deepen the understanding of drivers and barriers to RE-deployment in the EU.

On the other hand, re-frame.eu can help you gather, analyse and compare up to date information on renewable energy barriers and policy options within the EU Member States.

The procedure: To be able to maximise the benefits from your contribution, we would like you to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Registration re-frame.eu is a dynamic database. With your registration you will be able to create and customise your own profile, log into the database anytime, update or complement your former contributions and access new information added by other actors.
Step 2: Country selection Please choose the country you would like to edit.
Step 3: Sector selection Select the energy sector you would like to contribute to (electricity, heating & cooling or transport).
Step 4: Specifying the overall relevance of barriers and drivers To differentiate the influence of the mentioned barriers and to facilitate efficient policy design we plan to assess the impact each driver and barrier finally has on RE-development. Therefore, we classified them into categories and sub-categories.

4a) Please specify what relevance you would attach to the major categories according to their importance for RE technology diffusion.

4b) Each category is composed of sub-categories. Please rank the subcategories in the same way as previously the categories.

This 2-level weighting exercise will only take a few minutes and will have to be performed only the first time you enter the sectors.
Step 5: Access to the re-frame database Now you are able to access the complete re-frame.eu barrier and driver database, where you will be able to add, edit or validate detailed information on barriers, drivers and to give policy suggestions to foster the development of RE.